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Poster: Deadhead225 Date: Sep 22, 2012 6:04am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Favorite weird little moments

I have told this before in a review here I think, but one of my favorites is like yours August. During the break. We used to tour with a friend, Charlie, who was one of the early U of MD LSD test subjects in '67. He weighed 400-450# (mostly muscle). We would plug the aisle with him to prevent non-essential comings and goings. When you weigh 450, you operate on a different physical level, so Charlie would 'nap' randomly. During the break and a "peak experience" 5th row center in the Omni, he was doing just this. One of his legs splayed out into the center aisle. Two cops, one young and one older, walk up. Young cop says, "He's passed out, we gotta get him outta here." The rest of us are getting real small in our seats, avoiding eye contact when the 2nd cop says, "Which end you wanna be holding when he wakes up?" With that they strolled off. We laughed so hard and remembered yet again why we liked touring with Charlie so much. It was not always easy, but he could provide security in his freakin' sleep! RIP brother. Nobody will ever believe all we witnessed in your presence, and there will never be another like you!

Deniro's reminded me of another. After Warlocks 1st night - we went back to the Admiralty Inn on Military Hwy. My wife, always the gregarious type, brought the hotel security guard back to the room without mentioning this to anyone. Well, when the rest of the gang turned around with handfuls of various materials I thought they were gonna jump out the window, until they saw the uniformed man whip out his own goody bag and lay it on the credenza. Since they already knew all the break-outs coming from Blair, the only thing that might have surprised that bunch of NH Yankees near that much those 2 days was seeing scrapple on the menu the next morning and learning about what that was.

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